About me

Being a very impatient and self-taught artist I ususally start with an idea, a thought, an inkling, and I end up with someting totally different. I’m looking for colors, light and sound and my intent is to capture aspects of life that I don't want to be forgotten. Art has always been a way to lose myself in time and space. When I write or paint, I am never quite sure if the world around me is still turning.

About the website

My website is an attempt to bring together some of my pieces of art as I’ve been looking for a place to hold, conserve and combine them. It is meant not only as a portfolio, but also as a piece of art in and of itself. It is meant to represent my view of the world, my experiences and thoughts. It is meant to last. To grow and change. To show and to be shown. To collect and give out.

If you are interested in one of the pieces or have any kind of question or comment, I’d be happy to receive your message. Please find further information on the contact page.

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